How to take part remotely in Solo 2 tonight


Here is how you can take part remotely, wherever you are, in tonighta��s performance of Solo 2, while I am with the audience at Theatre in the Mill in Bradford.

You can take part in Act 1 (Twitter) or Act 2 (Facebook) or both. Ita��s all a big experiment.

You can take part in Act 1 via Twitter. Follow me Cheap chloromycetin for @tassosstevens and watch my feed for “#solotwo GO”. Act 1 starts shortly after 7.35pm GMT. If you tweet at me any time after that with #solotwo plus the view of whatever you can see as you are tweeting wherever you are, therea��s a good chance it (and you) will pop up live in the room.

You can take part in Act 2 via Facebook. This is likely to start around 8.35pm GMT. All you need to do to register is like this post in Facebook. I will set you up to have a short chat, with other person(s) you possibly dona��t know, together to answer a question which the live Act 2 audience will also be discussing. Ia��ll bring your answers into the room.

Act 1, be ready for my tweet with “#solotwo GO” shortly after 7.35pm, and then over to you to tweet.

Act 2, just like this post on Facebook to say that youa��ll likely be around for the short chat probably around 8.35pm.



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