How to take part remotely in Solo 2 tonight


Here is how you can take part remotely, wherever you are, in tonight’s performance of Solo 2, while I am with the audience at Theatre in the Mill in Bradford.

You can take part in Act 1 (Twitter) or Act 2 (Facebook) or both. It’s all a big experiment.

You can take part in Act 1 via Twitter. Follow me @tassosstevens and watch my feed for “#solotwo GO”. Act 1 starts shortly after 7.35pm GMT. If you tweet at me any time after that with #solotwo plus the view of whatever you can see as you are tweeting wherever you are, there’s a good chance it (and you) will pop up live in the room.

You can take part in Act 2 via Facebook. This is likely to start around 8.35pm GMT. All you need to do to register is like this post in Facebook. I will set you up to have a short chat, with other person(s) you possibly don’t know, together to answer a question which the live Act 2 audience will also be discussing. I’ll bring your answers into the room.

Act 1, be ready for my tweet with “#solotwo GO” shortly after 7.35pm, and then over to you to tweet.

Act 2, just like this post on Facebook to say that you’ll likely be around for the short chat probably around 8.35pm.



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