An empty chair

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Elavil for sale in Bradford, 2013-14; in Battersea, 2014

Ita��s a little miracle. This gathering of all of us and only us together in a room. The chance is practically zero that all of us and only us will be gathered again in a room before the end of the world, whenever that might be.

Ia��ve an empty chair here. Therea��s a Jewish tradition of leaving a chair empty at the feast, for someone who is not there but you wish that they were here.

So we can do this too. If you like, and no worries if youa��d rather not, take out your phone. Open up your phonebook of contacts. Start scrolling through the names. And perhaps surprise yourself in picking someone who is dear to you but who hasna��t been in your mind for a little while.

When youa��ve chosen someone, imagine them sitting here in this chair. And just let your mind dream out of this room towards whichever room you imagine this person sitting in the chair might actually be.

And whenever you see this chair, you can imagine your friend here.

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