play twenty thirteen

some of the play I liked most this year

in no order but alphabetical

The Architects by Shunt
The Bloody Great Border Ballad @ Northern Stage
Class Act by Harry Giles
Purchase aldactone dosage The Forest And The Field by Chris Goode
The Furies by Kindle Theatre
The Future Show by Deborah Pearson
Mission Drift by The TEAM
Orpheus by Little Bulb
Ours Was The Fen Country by Dan Canham
Papers, Please by Lucas Pope
Sarah Flood In Salem Mass by Adriano Shaplin
Stand By For Tape Back-Up by Ross Sutherland
The Stanley Parable by Davey Wreden
There Has Possible Been An Incident by Chris Thorpe
This Is How We Fly
The Unbuilt Room by Seth Kriebel
Unmanned by Paolo Pedercini
Zero Cost House by Pig Iron

Some of this was made before this year but I only saw it now. I didna��t see half the things Ia��d have liked, especially rueing Grounded, all the Secret Theatre, Edward II, The Events, Henry V (Unicorn).


some of the play I made this year

for Coney
The Loveliness Of Lower Marsh as part of Fantasy High Street
Futureplay at Shoreditch Town Hall as part of Futurefest
Tonight, Our City with West Yorkshire Playhouse Youth Theatre as part of Light Night
salons on activism in Sprint and systems in Tipping Point
A Playful Documentary Unit in Sprint and in GIFT 2013
workshops on Making Play in Public Space in Leeds, Vienna, Philadelphia
with Still House, a scratch of Night Walk

and solo
Solo Two developing at Theatre in the Mill
Jimmy Stewarta�� still hopping around living rooms, and now with a 2014 mission to play here

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