Play of my year

…some play I’ve loved this year, in roughly chronological order (including 5 seen in the same week). Lots of stuff I missed. But a very good year.

Don Quixote – Frankland & Cooper
Endep online calculator Enfant – Boris Charmatz
Ia��d Rather Goya Robbed Mea�� – The Gate
Judgment (from The Venus Labyrinth) – Cantabile 2
A View From The Bridge – Young Vic
Adler & Gibb – Tim Crouch
Mr Burns – The Almeida
This Is How We Die – Christopher Brett Bailey
My Body Is A Barrel Of Gunpowder – twowomenmachineshow
Idomeneus – The Gate
The Boy Who Climbed Out His Face – Shunt
Bring The Happy – Invisible Flock
Oh, I Cana��t Be Bothered – RashDash
Am I Dead Yet? – Unlimited Theatre
Nothing – Barrel Organ
Kentucky Route Zero (Act 3) – Cardboard Computer

…some play I helped make

Adventure 1
Codename: REMOTE
Solo Two

and on the hush-hush I also helped make this

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