Papa Sangre / 2

Papa Sangre is a game played with your ears and in your imagination. It’s a world conjured entirely in sound, a land of the dead – I imagined the passage through Duat towards the Egyptian afterlife, squatted by day of the dead demons on a five-day binge. You are summoned to this kingdom of Papa Sangre to rescue the soul of someone dear to you. You follow a trail of musical notes, walking with your thumbs, but if you make a sound by tripping or stepping on chicken bones, then the monsters in this pitch-black world will hear you and run to devour you.

Entering the Palace of Bones Purchase midamor labels from Papa Sangre on Vimeo.

Papa Sangre was built from a seed of a live game called Blood & Potatoes or Sangre y Patatas, which I’d run in workshops and rehearsals. I dreamed up the world and led the game design, working with a team including sound artist Nick Ryan and coder Adam Hoyle, and produced by Somethin Else; I also directed the voice actors. It was a commission by the now-deceased 4IP, Channel 4’s digital arm, to make a game which could be played by visually-impaired players as well as sighted.

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Papa Sangre 2 is almost out at time of writing. I fed into the game design and tried a live design process. Neil Bennun crafted the world for this one, and Max and Ben Ringham did the sound.

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