The Nightjar

After Papa Sangre Cheap panmycin drops , Somethin Else were approached to make a new audio game in double quick time as part of a marketing campaign for Wrigleys gum. This turned out better than it sounds…


The Nightjar
is a shorter game that is more on rails than Papa Sangre, but no bad thing. It’s in space, a bit like Aliens, although these monsters were distinctly wriggly insects, a double-headed millipede-slinky. There’s a brilliant script from Neil Bennun but otherwise the same team as Papa Sangre. Benedict Cumberbatch is the voice of the potentially unreliable navigator, together with a dream cast of Finlay Robertson, Melanie Wilson, and Gemma Brockis; all of whom I got to direct.

Here reviews. It was nominated for two BAFTA’s for sound design and mobile game.

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