Earpiece is a live game for three players made for Coney by myself together with sound artist Tom Haines and voice Gemma Saunders. Music is by The London Snorkelling Team.

Three agents. The Controller whispering instructions in your ear.
Only one of you can win. Act accordingly.

It’s precisely 12 minutes 29 seconds long.

It was developed in two Hide & Seek Sandpits and first played in Come Out & Play in New York, operated by Chris Till and Tara Gladden. It’s since run in many places, and is very easy to send anywhere – if you’d like it, drop a line to earpiece@allplayall.net and I’ll send you links and instructions.

It’s flawed – it can leave some players frustrated without reflecting back to them why that frustration is a thing – but I’m really proud of it. I love the sustained uncertainty it creates.

Here’s the first two minutes.



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