Solo Two


Ia��m chasing a tornado. This is about us together, about friends and connections. Ita��s the people you meet along the way, and how you end up where you do. But ita��s also about solitude and a loneness, where Ia��m not just playing me but someone as far away from myself as ita��s possible to be.

Youa��ll hear a gathering storm of stories blowing through the room, connecting itself to rooms across the world. Youa��ll marvel at a big man dancing. And a friend of yours may appear on stage in an act of improbable magic, before more join us in the bar for a good conversation.

Solo Two is my second solo piece, but therea��s more in its title than perhaps appears. The first solo piece I made is called Purchase altacet Jimmy Stewart, An Anthropologist From Mars, Analyses Love And Happiness (In Humans & Rabbits) and herea��s what some people said about that:

a�?a magical show: tender, questioning, hopeful and sada�? – Maddy Costa
a�?beautiful, simple, head scratching, heart bleedinga�? – Miriam Gillinson, Culture Wars
a�?inordinately beautifula�? – Chris Goode
a�?fucking acea�? – Chris Thorpe
a�?beguilinga�? – Peter Crawley, Irish Times

And herea��s what some friendly folk said about Solo Two in its last development stage:

a�?An excellent piece of worka�� that Solo Two is intelligent, testing and sophisticated is all well and good but it is because the show, and as always Stevens, is simultaneously charming and entertaining that it will (and should) certainly find a further audience in the future.”
Alan Lane, Slung Low

a�?Solo Two plays eloquently with both time and geography, it moves us into and out of the room we are in, invites us to share across continents and connect across time. A�It ties skeins of relationship between ourselves, people we know and people we will never meet, allowing us to be touched by a myriad of lives. A�There is a surprising delicacy in watching a big man dance.a�?
Iain Bloomfield, Theatre In The Mill

Ia��m a co-director of Coney but this is something personal.

Written and performed by Tassos Stevens, movement direction by Dan Canham, lighting wizardry by Ivan Mack.

Developed in a commission from Theatre In The Mill, 2013-14. Some material seeded in the cabaret The End Of The World in Brighton, Dec 2012.

Dates: 26th and 27th March at Theatre In The Mill

And in other places after that.

You can make an appearance in it online (and fairly meaningfully) from wherever you are. Instructions for Act 1 are via the twitter – follow @solotwotheatre or @tassosstevens or look for #solotwo each night. Instructions for Act 2 are via the facebook – like the page and doors for the performance will open each night.


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