A reading and playing list

This list was composed for a workshop how to lengthen an essay on making interactive theatre.


Probably the most useful thunks Ia��ve posted on my own irregular blog are:

Aldactone online kaufen On worlds of play
On play
On an experience
On beauty
On conventions


And some brilliant thinking by other buy papers people:

On the feathery line and hiding in plain sight – The Purloined Letter by Edgar Allan Poe
The best thing Ia��ve read that connects to the principle of loveliness – This Is Water by David Foster Wallace
On adventures 1 – The Tremendous Adventures of Major Brown by G.K.Chesterton
On adventures 2 – The Adventure by Georg Simmel
On games and meaningful choice – Cana��t Play Wona��t Play by Margaret Robertson
On making games to change systems – Making Games In A Fcked-Up World by Paolo Pedercini
On game design – therea��s one of these in particular by Sebastian Deterding, but I cana��t find *the* one, have fun looking
On game theory – Strange Love or the Relationship Between Game Theory and Game Design by Frank Lantz
On participation – The Participatory Museum by Nina Simon
On making narrative – Impro for Storytellers by Keith Johnstone –
On playing well – The Well-Played Game by Bernie De Koven
On making worlds – Visit To A Small Planet by Elinor Fuchs


And some recent games Ia��d heartily recommend (some of which you need to download) which play interestingly with narrative and/or might look a little different from what youa��d expect a game to be.

The Stanley Parable by Davey Wreden
Papers, Please by Lucas Pope
Kentucky Route Zero by Cardboard Computer
Horse Master by Thomas McHenry
Unmanned by Paolo Pedercini
The Nightjar by a big team including Neil Bennun, Nick Ryan, and myself

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