Jimmy Stewart, An Anthropologist From Mars, Analyses Love & Happiness In Humans (And Rabbits)


I’m playing a Martian Jimmy Stewart on a quest to understand love. You’re the audience playing the planet Earth entirely from a sitting position with drink in hand (if you like). This is a piece of pop-up playful storytelling with an impossible sound system. It’s played theatres, living rooms, lecture theatres, pubs, and parks: across the planet Earth. It’s about the imperial unit of measurement of human feeling, a man who falls to Earth, and at least three other improbable things. And therea��s the odd joke.

This is a play with a very long title. Ita��s all about love, and what it might possibly mean to a martian anthropologist who might possibly be Jimmy Stewart. Ita��s a straight story but therea��s something else going on too. It was originally devised and performed with the brilliant sound artist Nick Ryan, but he wona��t mind me saying that Ia��ve replaced him with quite possibly the best sound system ever. Jimmy Stewart… was developed with the support of Battersea Arts Centre, where it ran over Christmas 2011. Thanks to Nick, all but especially Richard Dufty at BAC, Chris Goode who was an outside eye and ear in the first stage, Tracky Crombie, Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy, Annette Mees, Rachel Parish, Andy Smith, Maia Tarrell, and everyone who has ever hosted it.

Ita��s played a number of places which I have done my best to list but I really like performing it in as informal a setting as possible. A couple of friends got me to do a little bit of it (if youa��ve seen it, youa��ll know which bit) at their weddings.

There are some fine reviews here although be warned that there are mild spoilers.

Maddy Costa
Miriam Gillinson, Culture Wars
Joseph Ross-Williams
Andrew Haydon
Matt Trueman
Una McMahon, Buy crestor online no prescription Entertainment.ie
Peter Crawley, Irish Times
PA?draic Killeen, Irish Examiner

A version of the piece has also been performed in the US by actor Randall Brammer in 2015-16.

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