Manifesto of Codename: REMOTE

This manifesto is best expression currently of the piece’s vision, ambition, objectives, qualities. It’s trying to pin things down but is always open to change. It’s aiming for consensus of everyone but any differences in opinion not easily resolved are respected and if possible preserved as questions. Buy nitrofurantoin mono mac 100mg

REMOTE is the project’s codename, while it is in R&D, but might turn out to be its title.

Ita��s a piece for a sit-down audience in an end-on space, designed to tour studio theatres, with a flexible (modular?) installation.

It dissects the ideology of individualism and choice as it presents to us in our lives now, and reflects the limits on our meaningful engagement and agency inside systems like this.

This ideology is magnified by the gigantic pervasive digital systems which increasingly govern our lives, and the piece explores/reflects qualities and consequences of living inside these systems.

The performance interaction model is resonant with the real-life systems, but playful with it too – more a parable than a simulation.

Ita��s interested in our relationships with technology, the masterful servant or the precocious child.

Ita��s interested in how we imagine, render and represent our future/world, and the constraints on our imagination.

The design uses projection and sound, very directly engages the audiencea��s imagination, and is responsive (somehow) to their choices.

Therea��s a narrative frame of a technologist pitching a system for the theatre of the future.

Therea��s a story unfolding through this system, where the audience collectively play a woman who is living in this world.

The audience sometimes directly interact with the system, which is voiced by the actors who are the subjects and objects of the system.

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