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This is a challenge towards having a good conversation about politics with someone who is different from you. At least a little bit different. It’s not about trying to change any minds, but perhaps recognising that minds might change themselves in the course of a good conversation. It’s a challenge I will do myself but anyone else can choose to join in. Let me know if you might, if you like.

#1 Find yourself in conversation with someone ideally who you don’t know so well already.

#2 Talk to discover where you each come from politically, and what differences you might have (to be celebrated).

#3 Ask each other questions, but you only need answer the questions that make you go ‘that’s a good question’.

If you like, share online the good questions you find with #agoodq or #agoodquestion.

I wrote a not-so-much-a-manifesto about this HERE.

There are documents of conversations I’ve had HERE

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