— All Play All

Being all the places I have played Jimmy Stewart, An Anthropologist From Mars, Analyses Love & Happiness In Humans (And Rabbits).

Battersea Arts Centre, London. With Nick Ryan. 2 performances. Mar 2010.

Upstairs at the Imperial Hotel, Melbourne. 2 performances. May 2011.

Battersea Arts Centre, London. 3 performances. Jun 2011.

Living room, Hackney, London. Jul 2011.

Living room, Stoke Newington, London. Aug 2011.

Living room, Edinburgh Fringe. Aug 2011.

A walk through the Meadows, Edinburgh Fringe. Aug 2011.

Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe. Aug 2011.

A table at The Jolly Butchers, London (to an audience of one). Sep 2011.

Living room, Melbourne. Oct 2011.

The Warren, Melbourne Fringe. 3 performances. Oct 2011.

The Green Room, Contact, Manchester. Nov 2011.

Living room, Manchester. Dec 2011.

Battersea Arts Centre, London. 11 performances. Dec 2011 – Jan 2012.

Living room, Clerkenwell, London and simultaneously via Skype, living room, Berlin. Jan 2012.

Performance In The Pub, curated by Hannah Nicklin. In a double-bill with Keine Angst by Ira Brand. Feb 2012.

A E Harris, Birmingham. In a double-bill with A Thousand Shards Of Glass by Ben Pacey. Mar 2012.

The Hub, Slung Low, Leeds. Mar 2012.

Forest Fringe @ The Gate, curated by Dan Canham, in a double-bill with 30 Cecil Street by Dan Canham. Apr 2012.

Living room, Glasgow. Jun 2012.

The Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin Fringe, in a double-bill with 30 Cecil Street by Dan Canham. 2 performances. Sep 12.

Living room, Bethnal Green, London. Jan 13.

Young Vic, London. As part of a workshop for the Directors’ Network on Making Solo Work. Jan 13.

Theatre In The Mill, Bradford. In a double-bill with my own After The Ends Of The World. 2 performances. Mar 13.

Living room, Southwark, London. Jun 2013.

The Parlor, Philadelphia, hosted by New Paradise Laboratories. Oct 2013.

Living room, Williamsburg, New York City. Oct 2013.

Living room, Forest Gate, London. Dec 2013.

Living room, Archway, London. Dec 2013

Living room, Stoke Newington, London. Dec 2013.

Living room, Hampstead, London. May 2014.

Living room, Putney, London. Nov 2014.

Living room, Holloway, London. Dec 2014.

Living room, Gateshead, Apr 2015.

Living room, Cambridge Heath, Dec 2015.

A version of the piece has also been performed twice by the American actor Randall Brammer in 2015-16.

I delivered a short provocation by Jimmy Stewart on play and make-believe for the Hide & Seek Wonderlab in Jul 2010. Not the same thing.