8th May, 2015

Do you remember how you felt when you woke up on Friday, 8th May 2015, the morning after the election? Which emotions, and what specifically made you feel these? Hang onto these thoughts.

Here’s where mine have taken me, a bundle of ideas distilled into this call.

It starts here. The next 5 years. Let’s do something.

I’m imagining a progressive vision that thinks bigger than any political party, and can run alongside them all, free for anyone to draw inspiration. A solidarity for a common good to counter the dictating ideology of our times: corporatised self-interest and regulation privatisation. The current government is just the courier delivering a parcel of austerity on behalf of this. I’m seeing this ideology as a dictatorship, and reading Gene Sharp for inspiration in how to take that down, gently but effectively. I’d like a culture of imagination and creativity to counter the fear and uncertainty which draws people to nastier certainties, an assertion of positivity and loveliness against the lies with which we’re assailed.

The challenge is in part simply one of participation, how difficult it is for people to engage and find meaningful agency in politics. I want to take up all the tools at our disposal to make better frameworks for participation engagement. To get beyond our echo-chambers and connect with compassion to people of different politics, to make good conversation, to challenge the prevailing tales we’re told and the frames which underpin those.

I want to make it easier for everyone to chip away at the dictating ideology. To mobilise online in a way that might mean 5 minutes a day for the next 5 years can make some change. To create a toolkit of everyday activism, small but meaningful positive actions where the system meets our lives. To join up with all the other brilliant initiatives that other people are starting.

If you’re possibly interested, drop a line to 8thMayTwentyFifteen@gmail.com. Or message me on the socials.

And then I’ll send you the next small step. And maybe, just maybe, this will turn into something…


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